Not only are our 79 series landcruiser trays lightweight, they are also built to last thanks to the heavy duty design.  They are one of the most popular vehicles we fit out here at MITS Alloy, they offer rugged reliability and a strong vehicle platform to build from. The dual cab models benefit from a slightly reduced canopy size i.e 1765 tray with a 1500 canopy. This tucks the weight of any rear wall accessories like a spare wheel, jerry can holder and ladder closer to the rear axle and drastically improves handling and drive-ability.

We can also accommodate chassis extended 79 series with a larger tray and canopy setup. The most common extension length is 300mm and this substantially improves the vehicles handling. Single cab models also allow for large front tool boxes and a full size canopy setup. The overall profile of the vehicle is slightly higher than other vehicles on the market, which means a taller canopy can be fitted. Our trays and canopies are also compatible with both major coil conversions on the market.