Trays Faq

Trays FAQ


Can you ship a Tray and Canopy to me?

Yes! We have shipping Australia wide and fitting bays in Sydney, Newcastle and Port Macquarie. Contact our office on 02 4967 6817 or for quotes and enquiries.

What do your trays weigh?

Our trays have a starting weight of 136kg including under tray tool boxes, trundle draw and side boards.

Do I need a GVM upgrade?

A GVM upgrade is always a good option if you are planning to do big trips with a big load. At a minimum we recommend a spring upgrade of 300kg. We can offer this at the time of tray and/or canopy fitting.


‘What is included?’

Under tray tool boxes, mudguards and LED lights come standard with all trays. If you visit the products page on our website, you can build the tray and extras you would like. (LINK)

‘Can I have a custom size tray?’

We have a range of heavy-duty aluminium trays developed for all major vehicle brands. Our trays are stylish, functional and well equipped for handling the harsh Australian environment.

‘What are the headboard heights?’

All standard dual cab, space cab and single cab vehicles excluding the Toyota Landcruiser are 855mm from tray height. This usually sits the headboard 130mm above roof height. Toyota Landcruiser’s are 1010mm from tray height.

‘Can I change my headboard design?’

We offer a 50mm square tube headboard. We do not offer modifications to this as it has been tried and tested as the most suitable for our tray designs and production capabilities.


‘What are the Tray dimensions?’

Please refer to products page on our website for all tray dimensions. (LINK)

‘Can I have a water tank?’

Yes! We offer a slime line style poly tank.

‘Does the tray come with LED lights?’

Yes! All our trays come with LED tail lights and number plate lights with factory connectors. 

‘Can I keep my old tub or tray?’

Yes! There is a tub and tray removal fee. While care is taken to remove these, we do not take responsibility if there is damage during the process. Unfortunately, we do not have storage space for removed tubs or trays therefore they must be removed from the premises immediately. 

‘Where will the spare tyre be located?’

The spare tyre will remain in the original location for all vehicles except Toyota Landcruiser where it is mounted to the back of the headboard inside the tray.

‘Where will the fuel filler be located?’

We have fuel filler brackets for original positioning for all vehicles and fuel filler relocation kits for Toyota Landcruiser. 

‘Can I have my tray painted?’

Yes! We offer powder coating on our tray and canopy packages, however we prefer the mill finished aluminium look. Prices for paint options can be included on your quote. Please be aware that exact colour matches to the vehicle cannot be guaranteed.  

‘Do you make Steel Trays?’

No. We offer an aluminium tray that is a steel equivalent in strength and durability with half the weight. 

‘Do your trays have lips around them?’

None of our trays have lips. We have found added strength in our design without the lips. 

‘Can I get a ladder rack for my tray?’ 

Yes, For sure. We Only bolt them to the tray as mounting. 


Canopy FAQs



‘How strong is the roof? Can I fit a roof top tent?’

STRONG! is the only way we build our canopies here at MITS Alloy. With a full internal frame, it can be lifted off your tray with all your gear still inside and a roof that will take the weight of any tent on the market.

We have a range of roof racks to suite your needs.

‘Can I have a custom designed canopy?’

We have spent years in RnD, testing  and customer feedback to perfect our range of heavy-duty canopies. While we believe our canopies look best on our range of trays as they complement each other, we offer a wide range of standard sizes and designs to also suit all major vehicle makes and models. 

If one of our 30 standard designed canopies does not suit your needs we can alter the external dimensions. Please be aware that this will incur an additional fee. Sizing and dimension limitations may apply.

‘Can I have custom fit out in my canopy?’

Unfortunately No. We offer a full range canopy layout to suit most peoples needs. From everyday work, to doing the big lap around Oz. Chat with the Sales team today to see which lay out will work best for you!

‘Do you offer Electrical fit out’s?’

Yes. There are 3 levels. From lights all the way to off the grid. See the canopies link.

Can I have a Dog box in my canopy?

Yes, only as one of our standard packages.

Is my Canopy dust and water proof?


How do your Canopies mount to the Tray?

We bolt our canopies to our trays. We do this for piece of mined. The bolts can be removed easily.

(Please note we don’t offer a clamping system and will not give Warranty on canopies that have been fitted with one.) 

Can you build a water tank in to the Canopy?

We no longer offer this as an option. Feel free to fit one of the good quality poly tank ones you have taken deliver.

Can I have windows fitted?

Unfortunately, we don’t fit windows to our canopy’s as we find they leak water and dust. Feel free to do this once you have taken deliver. 

Can you fit my awning or roof top tent?

Yes! but only one we have supplied.

Can I have a reverse camera fitted to my canopy?

YES! We have a neat full time camera system that is hard wired with a switch. The monitor attaches  to the review mirror. This can only be fitted to stand canopy packages. 

Ute tray canopy MITS ALLOY

Ute tray canopy MITS ALLOY