Silverado 2500

American market vehicles such as the Silverado 2500 can offer increased vehicle capacity and towing limits, making them a popular choice in Australia for light duty applications such as agricultural, equipment haulage and full time grey nomad/5th wheel campers. A Silverado 2500 tray and canopy package can transform the vehicles functionality and allow you to retain more of your vehicles GVM as usable storage.

How big is the tray?

We size our Silverado 2500 tray to be marginally longer than the tub, coming in at ‘7FT’ – 2200mm long (bed size of 2135mm long x 2050mm wide). This strikes a balance between rear overhang and usable tray space, including allowing full size under tray toolboxes to be fitted along with front boxes as well. The headboard height is 900mm, meaning it will line up closely with a cabin mounted roof rack. The overall width of 2050mm means you have nearly 200mm more internal space than all of our Australian market dual cabs like the Hilux, Ranger, Triton etc

How much does a Silverado 2500 tray and canopy weigh?

A Silverado 2500 tray has a starting weight of 150kg. From there, it depends on what options you add to the tray and canopy. All our quotes come through itemized so it is easy for you to see what each item costs and what weight it adds to the package. This way you can be confident you are striking your perfect balance between functionality and carrying capacity. Even through our alloy trays are nearly half the weight of steel, we always recommend getting a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrade done where possible. This will ensure you can make the most of the available space and remain road legal. We work in with vehicle dealers and aftermarket accessory suppliers to ensure if you are building a new vehicle, we can all work together to offer you a turn-key package.