MITS Alloy takes immense pride in delivering a 100% Australian made product from start to finish. Every piece of material enters our workshop as raw goods and leaves as the
polished high end product that our customers have come to expect.

From what started as a single person operation in early 2012, MITS Alloy went from strength to strength designing and manufacturing cutting edge industrial innovations and speciality tooling for the mining and transportation industry. This side of the business now operates out of Seven Hills in Sydney and caters to a huge variety of large industrial and corporate clients. Check out the Safety Mits website here.

MITS Alloy was born from the ever increasing amount of requests that were recieved for
quality tray and service bodies that could stand up to the harsh abuse of work and mine sites. In the last 5 years, the shed has grown from a small single bay to spanning across 7 buildings and 5000sq metres and incorporating everything from powder coating to 12V installations.

Over time, we have continued to refine our designs and build upon them with new innovations
to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the Australian tray and canopy market.

With close to 60 full time employees in Newcastle that are as passionate about vehicle modifications
and the outdoor lifestyle as you are, we are here to help you build your next vehicle.

Timothy Lightfoot
Owner – MITS Alloy