• Heavy Duty Alloy Ute trays the strength of a steel tray with half the weight
  • Rust and rattle free for life
  • 100% Fully welded
  • CNC Cut and folded construction
  • Free installation (conditions apply)

We make the following standard size trays for all modern makes, models and cab sizes.
Dual cab : 1650mm x 1870mm
Dual cab : 1850mm x 1870mm
Extra cab : 2100mm x 1870mm
Single cab :  2400mm x 1870mm
Please send an email enquiry to for larger vehicle sizing e.g Dodge Ram, F250, Silverado etc

For photos and video of your make and model, check out the gallery.
If you have an older vehicle or your vehicle wasn’t listed above, please get in contact.

Please note: We don’t build custom designs. All trays manufactured are our own design.


Standard Tray Options

  • 5mm 50×50 SHS headboard
  • CNC cut window protector
  • 4mm floor with sub floor structural frame
  • Stylish LED tail light package
Start with the tray size then add your options!

Heavy Duty Alloy Ute tray

Rust free for life.
100% Fully welded.
CNC Cut and folded construction.
5mm 50×50 SHS headboard.
Headboard height from tray 850mm or  Land cruiser 960mm.
CNC cut window protector
Stylish LED tail light Package and number plate light
Mudguards and flaps
Sizes: Width: 1870mm or (*1950mm)

  • 1650mm Dual Cab
  • 1850mm Dual Cab
  • 2100mm Space Cab
  • 2350mm Single Cab
MR TRITON 1650 Tray Canopy-4

Under Tray tool boxes

Slimline push locks
Plush automotive seal
Heavy duty alloy hinges
Either 800, 900 or 1000mm Long
220mm Wide
330mm Deep
Mounting Bracket drop 100mm

Landcruiser 79 Dual Cab 1850 Tray and 1600 Canopy-3

Trundle Drawer

Trundle drawer with slimline push locks
225kg stainless steel slides (pair)
Fully sealed from water and dust
1500mm Long
800mm Wide
132mm Deep

*Note – must be fitted at the same time as tray

Ranger 1850 Tray-3

Tray Side boards

Strong and stylish CNC folded sideboards.
300mm tall
Heavy duty stainless steel locks, latches and hinges.

Note: sideboards can be cut to size to suit short canopies.

Ranger 1850 Tray-5

Ladder Rack

Follows the profile of existing headboard.
CNC mandrel bent 50x50x5mm SHS.
Height from tray 850mm or Land cruiser 960mm.

Isuzu Dmax 1850 Tray 1800 Canopy-7

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is a strong and durable way to protect and personalise your new tray.
We offer all the standard Oxy Tech Colours.
Take a look at their site to see the range .

Note: Powder coat is not always an exact match for your vehicles existing paint. 2 pac paint is also available on request.

rob install

Tub Removal

If you want to keep your tub please let us know before quoting . We will remove your existing tub or tray and strap it on a pallet for you to collect that day with your vehicle or send it to a salvage yard at no cost to you!

Note: Unfortunately we do not have the room to hold old style sides or trays on site and any that are here are sent to salvage.

Ranger Dual Cab 1850 Tray 1600 Canopy-6

Head board Water tank

This 30L Polly head board water tank is a great way to store water on your new tray for washing hands, Etc.

reverse camer web

Reverse Camera relocation

If your Vehicle is fitted with a reverse camera we have a range of mounts to relocate it.

Note: You must let us know at the time of order that you want the camera moved as we need to make provisions for it at the time of build.

Low Res March_-186

Parking Sensors relocation

If your vehicle is fitted with reverse sensors we have a range of mounts to relocate them.

Note: You must let us know at the time of order if you require sensor relocation