Frequently asked questions



Lead times can vary greatly and are dependent on a number of factors. For the most up to date lead time, please contact the team on 02 4967 6817 or email for more information.

MITS Alloy has invested heavily in R&D across our product range. We know that your standard offering products are built tough to handle tough conditions. As such, we do not offer custom fabrication, modifications or changes to sizes outside of what is listed on our tray and canopy pages.

Unfortunately, we do not sell our canopies to be mounted to other manufacturers trays. This is due to our unique isolating rubber bush mount and our lifetime manufacturing warranty. If you already have a MITS Alloy tray, you can purchase a MITS canopy on its own for mounting to your MITS tray, but you will be asked for documentation prior to purchase.

While we don’t offer finance directly through MITS Alloy, we can recommend our trusted finance partner, Explore Financial, who have worked with previous customers to secure finance for tray and canopy packages, as well as full vehicle builds. You can enquire about your finance eligibility at this link.

You can elect to keep or dispose of your tub or existing tray during the sale process. As we have limited space, we are unable to store tubs or trays. Any tubs that are left on our location after the vehicle is fitted and collected will be sent to salvage. Please keep this in mind as we accept no responsibility for tubs that are not collected on the day.

As a rule of thumb, we always recommend a GVM upgrade where possible. You wouldn’t go and build a big house and not worry about the foundations, right? The same applies to your vehicle and your new tray and canopy.

MITS Alloy invests heavily in research, development and testing of our products in the Australian market. As such, we offer the industry leading limited lifetime manufacturing warranty on materials and workmanship here in Australia. We conduct all our R&D and product testing in Australian conditions and as such, this warranty covers the original purchaser against material faults & workmanship faults on fabricated product. For more information, please view our terms and conditions of sale.


We can ship our trays and canopies to any of our dealers around the country! For more information on our dealer network and to find a location near you, click here.

Because MITS Alloy offers a lifetime manufacturing warranty, we specify that the all trays and canopies must be fitted by an official MITS Alloy dealer. For more information surrounding warranty, please view our terms and conditions of sale, or ask your salesperson.

All of our tray and canopy packages are individually wrapped, packaged and secured to stillage to ensure safe arrival to your fitting location.

Yes. Thanks to our modular MITS-Strut framework, all internal accessories are available to purchase at a later date. If you require fitting, we can facilitate this here in Newcastle, or at one of our dealers. If you would like the internal components shipped to you, please ask your salesperson.

Yes, MITS Alloy has inland transport insurance for road freight on the Australian mainland, so your tray & canopy package and/or additional components ordered are covered underneath this policy against damage during shipping.

Fitting time varies between make, model, and your selected options. Physically fitting the tray, canopy and any other required installations can take between 6 and 12 hours of labour. This information is provided as a guide only and and time frame is indicative of a best case scenario. Please contact your dealer for more information.

Your build planner will liaise with both you and your nearest dealer to notify all parties that the package is shipping out to a dealer. With this information, the dealer will liaise with you directly to book you in for fitment at their location.

Your build planner will liaise with throughout the production process and will advise you of your scheduled install date as soon as the information is available.

To avoid potential delays, please make your final balance payment no later than 3 days prior to your fitting date if you are fitting here in Newcastle. If you are shipping to a MITS Alloy dealer for fitment, your final balance payment is due no later than 3 days prior to the product shipping. 


Our EVO2 trays have a starting weight of 227kg. It is important to remember this weight includes fitting kits, and all standard inclusions like toolboxes, rear under tray drawer etc.

We have a range of heavy-duty aluminium trays developed for most major vehicle brands. Our trays are stylish, functional and well equipped for handling the harsh Australian environment. Our dimensions are set to accommodate our range of canopies. Please contact us if you have a larger American vehicle for exact sizing.

All standard dual cab, space cab and single cab vehicles excluding the Toyota Landcruiser 79, 200 Series, Y62 and American vehicles are 850mm from the tray floor. This usually sits the headboard at 130mm above roof height. Toyota Landcruisers are 960mm from the tray floor. American vehicles and chopped vehicles are 900mm from the tray floor.

We offer a 65mm x 65mm x 5mm mandrel bent square tube headboard. We do not offer modifications to this as it has been tried and tested as the most suitable for our tray designs and production capabilities.

Please refer to the trays page on our website for all tray dimensions.

The spare tyre will remain in the original location for all vehicles except the Toyota Landcruiser & GU Patrol, where it is mounted to the back of the headboard inside the tray.

We have fuel filler brackets for original positioning for all vehicles and fuel filler relocation kits for the Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series, GU Patrol and other vehicles with unique fill points.

Yes! Powder coating comes as a standard inclusion on our tray and canopy packages through our in-house facility. We use Oxytech for our powder and their range can be found over at their website here. We also offer 2 pac paint as an option, you are able to have your canopy and under tray toolbox doors colour matched to your vehicle using your vehicles paint code for an exact match.

No. We offer an aluminium tray that is a steel equivalent in strength and durability with half the weight. 

No, none of our trays have lips. We have found added strength in our design without the lips and this keeps the tray surface flush for easy mounting of canopies and loading of larger loads and pallets.

Yes, we offer a matching ladder rack that follows the headboard profile. It is completely removable when not in use as we bolt them to the tray.

Yes, all our rear pull out drawers sit within their own case and have plush seals and compression locks to ensure your gear remains locked away from the elements.


Our EVO2 canopies have a starting weight of 200kg. It is important to remember this weight includes all standard inclusions on the canopies page.


We have a range of heavy-duty aluminium canopies developed for most major vehicle brands. Our canopies are stylish, functional and well equipped for handling the harsh Australian environment. Our canopy dimensions are set based off our tray sizes. We do not build custom-sized canopies.

Every MITS Alloy canopy is bolted to a MITS Alloy tray, using high tensile bolts and a unique rubber bushing that serves to isolate the canopy from the harsh vibrations and conditions experienced in the Australian outback.

We do not offer 2 pac paint on the entire canopy, only on the canopy doors. Full powder coating of the canopy in-house is a standard inclusion, so please ask your salesperson for a list of available powder coat colours.

Yes! All our internal components including fridge slides, cages, drawers, shelves and electrical systems are all available for purchase after delivery of your tray and canopy. This allows you to start with a basic canopy and fit out the internal layout at a later date.

We exclusively fit Clearview ES220 slides to our canopies. We do not offer any other variants or brands. To avoid disappointment, please visit the Clearview website and use their calculator to ensure your fridge fits on the ES220.

We exclusively fit Bushman upright fridges to our canopies. We have found their products to be the best on the market for heavy touring use. The 130L Bushmans upright fridge fits in our 960mm and 900mm canopies, and the 85L upright fits in the 850mm canopies.

There are arguments for both fridge styles, but it depends on your personal circumstances and use.

If you are doing longer touring trips and require a large freezer space, the traditional chest fridge/freezer combo on a drop slide will provide the freezer space, but also comes with the added weight of a drop down slide.

If you don’t need much freezer space and are trying to save weight, the upright fridge will achieve this although it does require more thought and planning in packing the fridge efficiently. Think of it like a bar fridge at home. Great for day to day use, weekend trips and short adventures.

For remote trips with an upright fridge, you may want to consider adding a small chest freezer if you need to store large quantities of frozen meat and meals for extended stays off-grid.

If your vehicle needs to go on a diet and you are looking to save every last kilo, perhaps a drop down slide isn’t the best option.

However, if you aren’t the tallest person, reaching the top of an upright fridge in a lifted 4WD can be awkward.

It really depends on your personal usage and preference and it’s why we offer both options. Talk to a salesperson for more info and help on making a decision.

We bolt all of our canopies to our trays for absolute piece of mind. Fitting an alternative mounting method or modifying the way the canopy mounts in any way voids warranty on all product.

That’s awesome! We specify that all slide on campers must be bolted to the tray. No warranty on any trays fitted with slide on campers that are fastened with over centre latches for quick release.


Because there are so many different ways to set up a 12V system, MITS Alloy doesn’t include a package as standard. However all canopies come with a 12V electrical mounting panel on the front wall of the canopy, so you can use this to do your own electrical fit out or bolt one of our optional electrical packages to it for an easy solution.

We offer 6 electrical packages from two premium 12V suppliers, Redarc and Enerdrive. You can find more information on the inclusions and suitability via the canopies page.

We have invested considerable time and design into the layout of our panels. These are designed for fitment into our canopies only and aren’t available for sale separately.

All standard MITS Alloy 12V packages are unable to be modified.