MITS Alloy is a proud, Australian manufacturer delivering high-end aluminium trays and canopies both nationally and internationally, from Newcastle, NSW.

With close to 75 full time employees, MITS Alloy, has scaled from what started as a single person operation in early 2012, MITS Alloy went from strength to strength designing and manufacturing cutting edge industrial innovations and specialty tooling for the mining and transportation industry. This side of the business now operates out of Seven Hills in Sydney and caters to a huge variety of large industrial and corporate clients.

MITS Alloy was born from the ever-increasing amount of requests that were received for quality trays, canopies, toolboxes and service bodies that could stand up to the harsh abuse of work and mine sites. Over the last 5 years, the ‘shed’ has grown from a small single bay to spanning across multiple locations and a dozen buildings to incorporate linear production strategies and introduce advanced manufacturing techniques and procedures. MITS Alloy manages everything from powder coating to 12V installations, in house. In 2020, MITS Alloy gained certified status as an Australian made product.

Throughout this expansion, product line refinements and extensive R&D programs that covered hundreds of thousands of kilometres means continual improvement across our product offerings. This real-world testing leads to innovative features not seen anywhere else in the sector and places MITS Alloy at the forefront of the tray and canopy market. Partnerships with local material and hardware suppliers has supported local industry and jobs, and key alignments with other premium aftermarket accessory suppliers means the optional extras we supply are of the same quality that MITS Alloy customers expect.

We are excited to start delivering fleet trays and canopies as industry leading fleet solutions around Australia through our nationwide dealer network. For pricing, options, or to book a consultation, please submit a quote form here.