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What does in-house manufacturing mean?

There are two traditional options available to businesses that sell a product. Either order the product from overseas and resell, or setup for in-house manufacturing. Many small business order their goods from overseas, completed and ready to sell. While this may keep final retail costs lower in some cases, chances are you are paying one or more middle handlers during the process. One important point to remember is that not all importers have detailed quality assurance process in place.

Manufacturing in house – while that means a generally higher purchase price, it also means you are getting the quality control in house. When a company handles all aspects of the production process, you also benefit from the elimination of certain logistical issues. Another advantage is product testing can happen in real time. As a result, you can rest assured you are always getting the most up to date version of the product that is backed by real world testing. You can follow our latest tests, projects and products over on our Instagram page.

As you know, we are a proud Australian manufacturer. The entire transformation process from raw sheet to finished product occurs within our warehouse. We work with suppliers from across the country to ensure that we carry all the materials necessary to complete the build here in Newcastle. In-house manufacturing was the only choice us here at MITS Alloy. We value quality assurance and delivering our products to our high standards. To see more of our work on various vehicles – head over and check out our videos page.