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Supporting the next generation of tradespeople

Earlier this month, Tim was invited to back to Newman Technical College in Port Macquarie to participate in an Alumni Presentation alongside other former graduates. Newman Technical College also conducted their annual Skills Challenge Day featuring 17 skills challenges, both in VET and non-VET categories. Winners in these categories will be eligible to compete at the Regional level (Zone 3) in November, with the possibility of joining the NSW Squad to compete at WorldSkills National Championships in Melbourne in 2023.

Below is a small excerpt from Tim’s presentation.
“I graduated from Newman Technical College in 2005 with
lots of enthusiasm but little direction, about to enter the big bad world. One key piece of advice I can offer is to just keep having conversations with people. You can learn so much from so many people, both the good and bad experiences. Keep showing up, ask questions and you’ll soon know if this field of work is for you but if it’s not, do something about it and get out and see what the world has to offer.”

Tim thoroughly enjoyed the experience of meeting the students and sharing his experiences to provide some insights into life after vocational education.

Tim and the team from MITS Alloy would like to thank the other alumni Arcadia Meldrum, Siobhan Coughlan and Telecia Williams, as well as the attending Newman Industry Board members – Jim O’Brien, Michael Reid and Chris Rowsell and the NSW government who sponsored the event.

You can check out the link below to view the official article from Newman Technical College.